Thursday, January 8, 2009

I was doing so well with updating this but things have been crazy again recently...
I have Spike for ten or so days, making me measurably more happy. He is currently sitting next to me, snoring, being very cute. He is also making it very hard to type. I have been taking him everywhere with me. He is the best sidekick ever. I think he misses Roxy though. Poor thing has no one to play rough with, he can only snuggle me.

So many NYE resolutions. The most important being that I am going to be more organized. I think a lot of my anxiety is caused by me thinking I have a lot to do but in reality it just seems like a lot because everything is so scattered and unplanned. I bought a planner today, wish me luck.

My birthday was so good! Anna made me a scavenger hunt around Fells Point and all my hints were hidden in various bars. I was done around one am though, and it took me a full day to recover. 

Options for 2009 catch phrases:
Lookin' Fine in 09
No time to Whine in 09
Time to Shine in 09

Any other ideas?