Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think everyone has forgotten that December is National London Appreciation Month. I'm not feeling very appreciated so everyone needs to step their game up. Hanukkah, Christmas and my birthday so soon ! Love having so many different things to celebrate !

I feel like recently there are just not enough hours in the day to get stuff done. Or maybe I am just lazy and procrastinate. My apartment is so messy right now, and I had two consecutive days off and still did not clean it. The internet is such a bad distraction. Sometimes I seriously contemplate flushing my computer down the toilet. I feel like today I had an excuse though, Kt's Work Holiday party was so crazy !

I'm so bad at going to sleep when I need to. My mom told me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, totally skipping it. First reason being, I hate the dentist, who ever wants to go to the dentist? Who really wants to get up early and drive to East Baltimore to go to a medical center located directly behind Perkins either? Not I. Also I don't have to be at work until two, meaning I will not be getting up until after noon.

I finished the whole series of the Wire. I am now accepting suggestions of another TV show to become obsessed with. Open to suggestions, really open to suggestions of TV shows with cute street muffins like Tristan Wilds on it. So disappointed he is on the new 90210, such a downgrade. 

I think I am spending the night in Edgewater tomorrow. I have a lot of laundry. If I go to my grandparents all I have to do is sort my laundry and somehow it gets done. My grandmother is the magical laundry fairy. She also makes me breakfast and packs my lunch. It's like being a kid again. Eternal youth, yes !

I wish I wasn't always so conflicted. When I have too many options I tend to become indifferent to all of them. Not good. 

Goodnight Sugarplums.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My week/weekend was crazy. I know I always say I am tired, but after this week I really am feel exhausted. I've fallen asleep/almost fallen asleep in so many places. I had a streak of bad luck in the beginning of the week. First my car got booted, AGAIN. From three tickets, that I got in July. I had totally forgotten about them. They have these boots now that are "self-removal". So you pay a hundred dollars to remove the boot yourself, & then you will get charged twenty five dollars for each day you don't return it to one of three locations. Plus, you have to pay five hundred dollars if the boot is "damaged". I saw three other cars that were booted on my way to return mine. End of the year, should be expected. My phone is also broken. If I put it down too hard on any surface it restarts. Sometimes, it even restarts just from closing or opening it. 

Thursday, My grandparents came down from Egdewater to go to the monument lighting with me & took me to a nice restaurant. They really like making excuses to go to nice restaurants. My grandmother takes pictures of everything. And I mean everything. She took a picture of our waiter too. She also makes it a point to learn everyone's name. She introduces herself with her first & middle name. She is the best, most classy lady in the universe.
My Grandfather on the other hand loves taking self pics. He took pictures of us & gets really excited when he gets "everyone" in. I think he has framed a couple of self pics he has taken. It was really fun hanging out with them. I don't know why I get to anxious when I think about them coming into my own separate living environment. They always make it a really fun, relaxing experience. They had Sofi's Crepes & didn't like them. Don't know what was up with that.

Work has been crazy lately. I don't care what anyone says, recession or not,people are still shopping & trampling people while doing so? 

Party Friday. Life[best movie] & baking beforehand. 
Co-founders of B-More Hard Ass Cakes. I love Kt. She is the best ever. 

Last night, due to lack of funds, I got to hang out with Anna & we created awesome social experiments. They really worked out in both of our favors. Then we got into a snowball fight & she lost.

Life really isn't all that bad.