Monday, October 20, 2008

I dog sat two beautiful pugs for a few days last week. They left Friday & it was so sad. They got in my friend Katie's car, & looked at me like "aren't you coming with us?". They were so excited when I would get home & they snuggled with me at night. Radio fell asleep on my chest one day and wouldn't move. But since she is so cute I let her stay there.I think it's funny that when people have dogs it makes you more approachable. Some many people came up to me when I had them to make small talk. They also got a lot of attention from drug dealers. I walked by one and he said " Yo baby, can you walk me like that some day?". Another night, this one man was said " Look at the two sweet peas, I'm sorry, three sweet peas." On Thursday night, around 12, I took both of them out for  a walk & went to the park. There was this old man stumbling around, obviously drunk. He went to sit down on a bench, and almost sat in this twenty something guy's lap, and when he realized what he was doing ran away to another bench. When he tried to sit down, he completely missed it, and when he face planted on the ground it made the biggest thump I've ever heard. He didn't get up for a good twenty minutes & the twenty something guy he tried to sit on before even asked him if he needed help. I tried not to laugh. Now that the dogs are not here I feel so lonely. Nothing to come home to.

The older I get the more I wonder what it would be like to see the world through a child's eye again. Nothing seems real anymore &  everything has lost it's innocence. I want to dream again without consequence. Every action you take as an adult has a consequence, so how are we supposed to live?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am pretty sure unless you know me, this shirt won't make sense. But if you do know me, you would know this was made for me & would understand me trying to find excuses to wear it everyday.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Loneliness is the human condition.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picture from Saturday night at my beehive. I really do think that the honey has run dry there, though. I have a terrible habit of drinking coffee at work when I close & then I can't sleep until around two or three, even if I have to open the store. Everyday I have at least one really weird customer, I need to start telling people about these customers or else I'll explode. Today, this mother & daughter come in. You can tell that they have a close relationship, & they are discussing pants with me. The mother is dressed normally, but the daughter has on this Metallica  shirt on. The shirt isn't a cool Metallica shirt though, it's one of those Wal-Mart looking, belly showing ," in ten years I'll either be in a Rehab or mental institution " shirts. The daughter talked really slow & exaggerated, I wondered if she is retarded. The mother laughed at everything the daughter said, almost in slow motion, even if what she is saying wasn't remotely funny. The daughter was explaining the whole pants buying extravaganza, that went like this: " I woke up today & it was really cold. I went to put on pants- PANTS! & you know what? I didn't have pants- PANTS!". After this, the mother started laughing. What was funny about this story? I was so lost. I guess I'll never understand certain people.